Ghadeer Sultan: Study your Features First!

Ghadeer was blessed with beautiful dainty features, and these features must be highlighted, not changed or wiped out. Maybe that is how Ghadeer started the pursuit of beauty by studying her own face and skin features, which prepared her to advance in the realm of beauty. An apprentice in a big world full of colors, Ghadeer believes that a woman is the symbol of beauty that resides in her self-confidence and her ultimate individuality.Beautista May1 (Custom)

How do you think women can attain the beauty they are looking for?

A woman must always take care of her appearance by embracing a healthy lifestyle first, and then make sure to take care of her skin and maintain a flawless complexion.

How do you start out in the world of beauty and makeup?

At first, it was just a hobby that I used to practice on myself and my friends. Then I was able to develop my skills by reading and following educational channels on YouTube published by renowned estheticians. A makeup artist should always be ready to learn new things every day, and get to know what is coming up, and should not depend on one tool or a sketch. This world is evolving all the time and I am always evolving with it.

Which was your first makeup purchase?

Lancôme Mascara.

Name five things we would always find in your cosmetics purse.

1-      Benefit Coralista Pink Powder

2-      Smashbox Fair Loose Powder

3-      M.A.C Pink Plaid Lipstick

4-       Clarins Hand Moisturizer

5-      Sephora Beige Eyeliner

Beautista May2 (Custom)

Three main tips for beauty and makeup beginners:

1-      Analyze your skin before buying any product

2-      Lightly use your eyebrow pencil, and use a lighter color at the beginning of the eyebrow then go to darker for its end

3-      Apply loose powder on the mouth’s circumference to clean it up and highlight it. That will help your lipstick last longer


Mascara 101

Apply mascara on the beginning of your lashes then slowly swipe the brush towards the ends while moving it right and left. For thicker lashes, apply mascara a few seconds later using the brush in a swift right to left movement.

Beautista May3 (Custom)

What are the trendy makeup colors this season?

Bronze, never misses a summer. Also pink and purple are in.

Which part of your face is the most important while wearing makeup?

Eyebrows – because they define your face shape and highlight your eyes.

What is the best eye shadow color on you?

Pretty Rebel by Too Faced.Beautista May4 (Custom)

Best advice for a successful summer look.

1-      Use sunblock. My favorite is Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

2-      Always moisturize your skin, especially before applying makeup. I use NARS moisturizer

3-      Use Kryolan Perfect Matt to reduce the shininess of oily skin

4-       For a natural bronze color, use Too Faced bronze primer, or Poreless SPF 20  Bronze Tint Skin Smoothing Face Primer

5-      Use the closest color possible of foundation cream. There’s no need for a lighter or darker shade, because summer heat can wipe it off, then your skin color will look different

6-      Hydration. Drink plenty of water because it helps your skin get rid of excess oil, especially in the summer

Beautista May4a (Custom)Which is your favorite makeup brand?


Best makeup store in Kuwait.

Sephora without a doubt.

Which beauty invention fascinates you?

The art of contouring. It helps reduce the flaws, and highlights the best feature in your face.



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